Training / Clinics

Creating happy, confident, relaxed and willing horses

Training / Clinics

Creating happy, confident, relaxed and willing horses

Your horse’s behaviour begins and ends with YOU!

Cody's aim is to see the relationship between a horse and its owner grow into one of trust and willingness.

A good relationship is important as it:

  • Creates a horse which can be trained
  • A sounder horse which is physically and mentally prepared to undergo the training
  • One which is easier to educate, ride and handle, and therefore be a pleasure to own

Cody is available to

Host clinics

Undertake one-on-one sessions

Analyse video footage

Take on horses for training

Training sessions can take place locally, on the NSW Central Coast, or at regional, interstate or international venues.

Over 30 years of experience AND TRUST

Cody Rawson-Harris has been working with my horses for a number of years now, including my Olympic mount Boogie Woogie and World Cup Horse Calanta. I have watched him work with these horses and was impressed with his ability to gain their respect and confidence, and teach both them and me to better cope with the stress of high level international competition conditions. Since working with Cody I have noticed a great improvement in these horses when preparing and performing, in their ability to stay focused on their job and not be distracted or upset by their surroundings.

Cody also did a great job breaking in a rather nervous and tense young mare, for me, with great results.

I believe he is a very highly skilled horseman and uses humane and logical methods in all his work with equines.

Mary Hanna

Australian dressage Olympian